• Company Profile

    YABAN Chain Industrial Co., Ltd. (YBN) was founded in 1989.

    YBN is dedicated to bring complete satisfaction to customers through our ability to design, develop and manufacture exceptional performance, function, quality, safety and higher value-added products.

    Products cover the application of transmission systems such as bicycle chains, motorcycle chains, motorcycle sprockets, industrial chains, and automobile chains to meet the needs of customers in various fields.

    YBN serves a wide range of customers, with sales throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas, including ODM, OEM and Aftermarket distributors, based on advanced manufacturing, efficient automated production facilities, effective quality control, and sustainability through creation and innovation.

    YBN, headquartered in Taiwan, production bases located in Taiwan and Vietnam.

  • Company Profile


    YBN is dedicated to design, develop and manufacture bicycle chains that perfectly compatible, matched and synchronized to all worlds’ leading bicycle drivetrain and derailleur systems.

    YBN strives to offer riders exceptional performance, durability, safety, quality chain products and enables cyclists with these advantages to experience efficiency, comfort, and joy riding.

    YBN chains cover single-speed to 12-speed, e-bike systems, internal geared hub systems, mountain bikes, road bikes, off-road, travel, urban bikes, shared bikes, Tour, City, Fixed Gear, Trekking, BMX, and Track bikes. Diversity and versatility are our product concepts.

  • Transmission Chain and Sprockets

    Transmission Chain and Sprockets

    YBN Transmission Chain Division manufactures motorcycle chains, motorcycle sprockets, chain kits, sealed roller chains, timing chains, industrial machinery chains and conveyor chains. Chain drive and sprockets is high efficiency way of mechanical power transmitting. With precision manufacturing, automated production line and quality management, YBN is striving to provide high strength, high wear resistance, high fatigue strength and quietness performance chain products. Also, we are always committed to meet customer needs in product mix, quality and services.

  • YBN Steel Service Center

    YBN Steel Service Center

    YBN Steel Service Center conducts professional works for managing, processing and distributing the raw material. We process steel to custom thickness, lengths, widths and shapes by slitting lines, cutting length lines, and shearing machines. YBN provides steel coil (plate) types including cold rolling, hot rolling, pickling, galvanizing, high carbon tool steel, electromagnetic galvanizing, silicon steel sheet, steel wires and steel strapping. Our customer range from industries and a variety of product application fields that producing spare parts, home appliances, hardware tools, furniture, sports, fitness and office equipments, to those manufacturing bicycles, 3C parts, motorcycles, automotive components and parts. With all kinds of equipment, capacity efficiency, quality control, and strong partnerships with best steel producers, YBN provide end-use markets reliable quality material with on-time delivery and value-added metals processing.

  • DHP Steel Pipe

    DHP Steel Pipe

    DHP Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. focuses on steel pipe manufacturing. From the control of raw materials, steel coil slitting to steel strips, forming, high frequency welding, sizing and strengthening, quality inspection, rust preventive oil treatment, to packaging and shipment. Available Steel pipe diameter 9.8mm ~ 76.2mm, thickness 0.5mm ~ 3.2 mm, range includes round pipes, square pipes, oval pipes, and special pipes. Carbon steel pipes (steel tubes) are widely used as connection parts, frames, pillars of construction and machine structural components, like bicycle frames, indoor furniture and outdoor furniture.

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