YBN Steel Service Center

YBN Steel Service Center conducts professional works for managing, processing and distributing the raw material. We process steel to custom thickness, lengths, widths and shapes by slitting lines, cutting length lines, and shearing machines. YBN provides steel coil (plate) types including cold rolling, hot rolling, pickling, galvanizing, high carbon tool steel, electromagnetic galvanizing, silicon steel sheet, steel wires and steel strapping. Our customer range from industries and a variety of product application fields that producing spare parts, home appliances, hardware tools, furniture, sports, fitness and office equipments, to those manufacturing bicycles, 3C parts, motorcycles, automotive components and parts. With all kinds of equipment, capacity efficiency, quality control, and strong partnerships with best steel producers, YBN provide end-use markets reliable quality material with on-time delivery and value-added metals processing.

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